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Rewards of "The last uncounted village"

The first Sony company Festival /the best film /Iran /2002.

Avanca Festival /the best film /Portugal /2003.

Busan Festival / Different cinema of Asia / South Korea / 2003.

Tehran short film Festival /the best film, A level / Iran / 2003.

D’ournise Festival / Kurdistan cinema /France / 2003.

Clermont – Ferrand /Elected by viewers /France /2003.

Aroca Festival / the best scenario (script) Portugal /2004.

Soleymanieh Festival /special prize by Jury /Iraq/2004.

Imago Festival /Elected by viewers/Portugal /2004.

Hamburg Festival /Francois O’dae Prize /Germany / 2004.

Torino Festival /Special Prize by Jury /Italy /2004.

 Broadcasted in 

Worldwide channel canal +, France, 2004.

Cine Foundation France, French cinemas, 2005.

Worldwide channel CBS, Canada, 2005.

Worldwide channel Cinecinema, France, 2005.

George Peumpideau Grand Library, France, 2005.